We've all played traditional snakes and ladders, but how does it compare to Slotastic's Banana Jones version of the classic board game?

Banana Jones is an online board game at Slotastic that takes inspiration from the traditional board game Snakes and Ladders, however, the prizes in Banana Jones are far more real.

When loading up Banana Jones the game will begin with a short introduction video providing a backstory to the game and how the main character Banana Jones landed in the jungle. Once this introduction is over you'll then be prompted to choose your bet amount, this can be either one of the following: $0.20, $0.50, $1, $2, $5.

Banana Jones Game


Just like Snakes and Ladders, Banana Jones is very easy to play and requires little skill and is based solely on chance and the random roll of the dice. After selecting your bet amount you will be granted five rolls of the dice with your main aim to make it to the final lily pad and enter the mysterious temple. You can choose to roll the dice yourself or set to 'Auto Roll Dice', we recommend to roll the dice manually each time as you can follow the game more closely.

While on your quest to the temple you will come across vines which will move you higher up the board, whereas snakes will move you back down the board. A treasure wheel can be triggered when Banana Jones lands on the treasure headstone, this will then unlock a wheel of fortune minigame where you can spin the wheel and multiply your bet up to 50x.

Another chance to boost your winnings is to land on the gems when travelling across the board. If you find more than 3 gems your bet amount will be multiplied based on the number of gems found. You can also multiply your original bet by climbing the vines and sliding down the snakes, the more vines and snakes you land on the greater the multiplier will be. You can view the bet multipliers on the table below:

Banana Jones Gem Paytable


When you make it to the final lily pad and enter the giant temple you will unlock the Crystal Banana Quest where you will move from the board to inside the temple where you are faced with several treasure chests. The goal of this feature is to open up as many treasure chests as possible until you complete a bonus gem counter, this requires three gems of the same colour. Whichever set of three gems you find first will award you the bet multiplier for that gem-set, this can range from 1x your bet all the way up to 2500x your bet.

Good luck! If you need any help playing Banana Jones or have any other questions, please contact us anytime via live chat or e-mail and either Botastic or a Slotastic Expert will be happy to help.

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