Slotastic tips & tricks

Getting started at Slotastic is easy, but with all our fancy features we can understand that you may have some questions. We've put together a list of all the guides we think you'll find useful to help you navigate around Slotastic and all of our fun features.

How to verify your account?

How to verify your account at Slotastic?

Hey there, big winner! Before we can dish out your winnings, we need to make sure everything is on the up and up.

Slotastic Compatible Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

Is your mobile device compatible with Slotastic Casino? Here you'll find a complete list of compatible devices.

Botastic Chat Bot

Botastic Chatbot

Faster assistance is now waiting for you when you visit our Live Chat, thanks to our friendly new chatbot Botastic.

How to play Fish Catch?

How to: Fish Catch

Fish Catch is a completely new gaming experience so we understand there might be some questions, we hope to answer them all in this guide.

How to play Banana Jones?

How to: Banana Jones

We've all played traditional snakes and ladders, but how does it compare to Slotastic's Banana Jones version of the classic board game?

How to play Cubee

How to: Cubee

Online slots have always felt pretty straightforward up until now, but gaming is changing and so is the demand for a new gaming experience.