Online slots have always felt pretty straightforward up until now, but gaming is changing and so is the demand for a new gaming experience.

Cubee is an online slot machine that goes completely against traditional slot games to bring players an exciting gambling game with a twist. Cubee is no average slot and you might find it harder to understand so we've prepared this quick guide to get you started.

You'll already notice the Cubee Slot looks completely different to any other slot you've seen before but don't worry you'll get the hang of it.

Cubee Slot


Cubee is built up of four levels - the Stone Age, Era of Piracy, Viking Age and Cubeeland. At each level, your goal is to defeat the level boss (Rocco) and build up Cubee's strength by defeating the smaller enemies that appear from the vortex.

Just like other slots, to begin playing Cubee simply select your bet amount and hit the 'Spin' button. After each spin the blue vortex will throw out 8 symbols, these can be a mixture of enemies, weapons or energy balls. Cubee's default strength at the beginning of each spin is level 1, to build up his strength level you will need to defeat the smaller enemies and find energy balls. To defeat Rocco at each level you will need to reveal weapons when spinning, each weapon found deals damage to Rocco's health bar, bringing you closer to the next round.

Cubee Symbols


When you reach the second level, The Era of Piracy, you'll be able to unlock free games every time you reveal a cannon. You'll also be able to earn free games at The Viking Age, these can be unlocked when a bow and arrow symbol appears from the blue vortex. The free spins you accumulate during these levels can be played when you reach Cubeeland and they'll be played at the bet amount that you used to earn the free games.

Good luck! If you need any help playing Cubee or have any other questions, please contact us anytime via live chat or e-mail and either Botastic or a Slotastic Expert will be happy to help.

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