Faster assistance is now waiting for you when you visit our Live Chat, thanks to our friendly new chatbot Botastic.

Slotastic already offers one of the most efficient customer service among the online casino industry but we're always looking to improve our service. With the advancement in technology, we're trying to keep up with the latest tech to make our service smoother and better for our customers.

It's time to meet Botastic - our new chatbot assistance who is on call 24/7 to help you with your queries and questions. He'll also credit your cash back lightning fast when you request it through live chat.

Botastic - Slotastic Chatbot

We've trained Botastic to help you with all the smaller queries such as password assistance, crediting cash back and cash back queries. Botastic's skills will develop over time and hopefully, he'll be able to help you with hot game recommendations, game queries and more in the future.

We understand some of our customers prefer real-life human interactions when contacting our support team, so our Slotastic Experts are still available and can be contacted anytime. To talk to a Slotastic Expert instead of Botastic, simply select the 'Switch To Human' button within the live chat window.

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